Design Trends 2021

Styling; Colours; Patterns; Materials and Shapes of a particular season that has a long-term influence on the market is called the Design Trends. A current trend can be influenced by the previous seasons or from current world affairs and events. While we predicted statement tile, organic shapes and cane detailing that would rule 2020, we couldn’t foresee how the Covid-19 pandemic would fundamentally transform our relationship to home. The pandemic has caused a sea change in the way we live, work and recreate. The focus is more on function and flexibility on top of aesthetics as we navigate a new normal.

Earlier most clients envisioned a home office as a casual space to pay bills, check emails or look up a recipe. Now home offices expand to large work surfaces, comfortable task chairs and more storage. Remote-learning space with reduced distraction has also become essential for deep work. Biophilic design that is bringing the outside to the inside has become the key factor that boosts the mental and physical wellness of the occupants:

Design features that were prominent in 2021 are-
Tactile design
Sustainable design
Biophilic design
Soothing Color palettes
Light Wood

This year also saw the use of colour’s that are specified by Pantone Matching System for the year 2021 as - Ultimate grey and illuminating. This standardised colour system was seen used across many industries. The organic form also took the centre stage creating drama in the space. Age-old woven rattan came back with a bang slowly becoming the texture of the year. Speckled terrazzo, light coloured wood and sustainable interiors became some of the key features of this year’s design trends.

We cannot wait for 2022 to roll in with a new design wave and not a ‘third wave’.