Executing a successful project is more than a day’s work as it mandates a detailed initial assessment of all its administrative, technical and aesthetic aspects. This process is all about precision and the different steps to achieve this includes:

Project Preliminary Examination & Main Lines

  • Meeting the client and drafting a report where project requirements and budget are defined
  • Conducting on-spot investigation and site survey
  • Scheming design along with scale drawings, sketches and comments
  • Total estimation of works cost
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Project Execution

  • Comprehensive execution of project with accurate technical data
  • Drawings of technical specification necessary for project realization. These include plans, details, cross-section, elevation, etc.
  • Maintenance of materials bill and quantities list. This includes detailed works description, materials to be used, materials quantity and procedures for their use.
  • Identification of contractors, suppliers and artisans
  • Examination and comparative evaluation of offers of three contractors
  • Works time schedule
  • Maintenance of local authority files
  • Maintenance of files on tax deduction where applicable

Works Management

  • Initiation of work on site
  • Day-to-day coordination between contractors, artisans and suppliers
  • Regular inspection of site
  • Emergency management
  • Regularly updating the clients on progress of works

Works Completion

  • Submission of complete works file to the local authority
  • Updating land registry entry, wherever applicable