ZSP simply believes in having an elegant yet unique approach while designing personal and commercial spaces. Our constant endeavor is to create areas that capture the soul and essence of their surroundings, even as they allege their own identity. Not just that, we also continuously strive to conceive design and architectural ideas that labor and give birth to beautiful spaces and structures to live, work and play in. We are firm advocates of the philosophy that creation of brilliant designs is an exquisite mélange of aesthetics and functionality coupled with a holistic design solution that skillfully blends architectural, landscape, interior, lighting and furniture needs.

Established in 2005, ZSP Design and Architecture has since then created a niche for itself in the industry. Today the firm is an integral part of Connect Ventures Group in Bangalore which is a multi-disciplinary organization comprising of more than a dozen companies having expertise in diverse areas. Well that’s not all; we are also national partners to various international design and architecture firms.

Together we have an outstanding team that is an amalgamation of skilled and qualified professionals. Having a team with such diversity enables us to execute projects of all sizes including turnkeys. To add more dimensions to our designs and architecture we are also connected to numerous independent associates who infuse their own distinct style to our projects. Our team not only exhibits absolute passion but also have an unparallel commitment towards excellence. At ZSP we bank on this fervor by pooling in the right talent and resource in order to fulfill our commitments and exhibit an unmitigated passion for design.


It is our philosophy that each project has its unique needs and qualities from which innovative and fresh solutions are revealed to ensure seamless integration we offer total design solution fusing architectural, landscape, interior,lighting and furniture needs. We believe that aesthetics and functionality are inseperable in excellent design. The value of which enhances the environment in which we work,live and play.Whether developing a new product, evolving an existing one, expanding a range or creating a new branding opportunity. We ensure both client and customer gain value for money by intelligent application of innovation and design.